At DACY Financial Wellness, we are passionate about improving the culture of your workplace by taking financial stress out of the equation. We believe the only way to accomplish this is by providing your staff the most personalized service possible. That's why we take pride in being one of the only financial wellness program that offers on-site services to the central Texas area. Whether it's through one of our quarterly on-site seminars, or sitting in the conference room with an employee to work on a financial plan, your company will have a financial coach available and present to serve your staff. 

So what does our program look like? We focus on three main areas:




All employees are given memberships to our educational online platform Funding Freedom U. Staff have access to monthly coaching calls, live Q&A sessions with industry professionals, and a course library that educates your employees on topics such as:

  • Budgeting

  • Debt elimination

  • Communicating with collectors

  • Managing credit scores

  • Building emergency funds

  • Investing and planning for retirement

Many financial wellness programs just stop at teaching employees about managing money. However, we believe that making positive financial changes is more about behavior than knowledge. 

Our mission is to empower your staff to make changes that will take financial stress out of their life. We accomplish this by helping them get to the root of the problem. Through group challenges, online resources, and on-going accountability, your employees will be equipped to take their finances into their own hands. 

We believe that personal finance is personal. That means everyone's situation is different and should be approached differently. 

Through our program, your employees have access to one-on-one coaching with one of our trained financial coaches. Our coaches offer unbiased and confidential guidance that will propel your employees toward their financial goals. 

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